Selwyn Strength

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Become apart of a place where members become your second family. Where the loudest cheer is for the last to finish. A place to meet amazing people. Where egos are left at the door. A place of pride and your proud to be apart of. Where strong people don't put others down they lift them up. A place where you never gave it your all. Where routine becomes a habit. A place where the thrill is not just achieving your goals but watching others achieve theirs. Where community comes first. A place where Strong people means a Stronger community. We are Selwyn Strength.


Join a fitness community that is passionate, determined and supportive. We want to help encourage you to become a stronger better version of yourself both mentally and physically. No matter where your starting at we've got exactly what you need. No contracts, No sign up fees, No cancellation fees.


CROSSFIT - Unlimited Membership

  • $45 per week

  • Unlimited classes

  • Access to Selwyn Members Facebook Page

  • Access to 24/7 Gym

  • View the programming for the week ahead

CROSSFIT - Lite Membership

  • $35 per week

  • 2 classes per week

  • Access to Selwyn Members Facebook Page

  • View the programming for the week ahead

CROSSFIT - Concession Card

  • $200 for 10 sessions
  • Expires after one year.


  • $25 per session


  • $10 per person

  • Minimum of 8 people per "Team"

  • Corporate Teams

  • Sports Teams

  • School Groups

  • Become more productive as a unit

  • Get fitter, faster, stronger together


  • $40 per half hour or

  • $70 per hour or

  • $90 per couple, 1 hour session or

  • $600 for 10 sessions

  • Movement assessment

24/7 GYM

  • $20 per week

  • Access to 24/7 Gym

  • Movement assessment

  • 1st Free customised program


Our Team

Get ready to tear down obstacles of the mind and body. Our qualified team of coaches understand that no two bodies are alike and will work with you to get you fit at the right pace no matter your age or fitness level. Our coaches not only pride themselves in getting to know each and every member and making sure you get the most out of your training session but are committed to improving your health both mentally and physically.



Rachelle - Coach

I started CrossFit in 2012, training competing and coaching in Auckland until I moved home to Christchurch. I'm a health enthusiast, lover of great coffee and time well-spent with a barbell, I seem to live life at high speed…if I am not in the gym you’ll likely find me out on the road in my running shoes, boxing or spending time in the kitchen (loves cooking and loves eating!). I truly believe the people you surround yourself with on this amazing journey, the thoughts you allow to occupy your mind and how you treat your body will all contribute to increasing your own resolve to always, always strive to be better than you were yesterday. Ask the questions, practice practice practice, and throw your heart into class every time you walk through the doors - I want to help fuel your ambition no matter what level you are at! Favorite WOD; Grace. Favorite movement; Squat. Rachelle gets her inspiration from everyone else in the gym. Rachelle can also design the most amazing houses at Online Design and Build.


Gemma - Coach


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Marcella - Coach

When I first started CrossFit I was scared and had no confidence so I decided to do one on one lessons with one of the coaches for 5 weeks until I had the courage to be apart of a class...It was best thing I ever did. Not only do I love Selwyn Strength it was the people and the community that kept me coming back. It became my second family. I loved it so much that I finally convinced my hubby to join, before long he got the CrossFit bug and now we fight over who gets to go to the early morning class and who gets the kids ready for school. We found it nice to have a common interest other than our normal routine of what is going on at home. CrossFit at Selwyn Strength has given me confidence in more ways than one, confidence I never thought I would have. Being apart of Selwyn Strength family has Inspired me so much that I decided to get my qualifications to become a coach so that I can give back to the community and give other people that confidence like it has done for me.


Ben - Coach



Rob - Coach

Rob was encouraged into CrossFit by his brothers, he was getting board with the normal same old gyms he was going too. Rob has an amazing technical ability and can easily improve any part of a movement.

Rob has 3 years experience and the most enjoyment he gets from coaching is watching people progress and celebrate there achievements. Favorite WOD; FRAN. Favorite movement; Snatch. Rob gets his inspiration from key athletes in the gym and watching YouTube clips. Rob also makes the best coffee at The Park Ranger.


Luke - Coach